Bittorrent / Alcohol 120

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I have been enjoying torrents for a while, and I am wondering, is it still safe to use sites associated with bittorrent? I have not been given a C&D order from my ISP, and am curious with all the crackdowns and lashing outs by producers of movies like Hurt Locker. Legally, is a ISP required to send a C&D before taking legal action against a client? Along the same lines, I have been using AnyDVD and Handbrake to rip videos to store on my externals. If I wiped my system and my externals to avoid legal troubles, would I need to wipe those video files as well? I ask only because many friends have directed me toward blogs and sites with news articles about torrenting/piracy crackdowns; They are currently wiping out all there sytems down to the bone. And in general, would it be safe to purchase a copy of Alcohol 120/AnyDVD? I am looking at entering the military, and I am coming to you guys because I cannot afford to have any legal trouble with my career pursuit, please post any info, technically or legally.