Hdd failure

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Ok guys my friend could use some help. Here the situation so far:
she was working on her laptop a few nights ago and dropped it about 2-3 ft off the ground. Nothing broke off or seemed damaged. It just froze. She tried rebooting but it froze on the windows 7 logo. She finally gave up and to it to GS. They tried do a data recovery but the hdd came back as failed. So they told her that her only option is to send it to the manufacturer. I assume since it's a hdd failure GS could not retrieve the data using MULE to extract the raw files. So that means the manufacturer would have to try to rebuild it right? But for that to happend it's going to be expensive and she can't afford it since she is a college student with many loans. But the worst part is she needs all the files from it since she is graduating this may. All she wants are her school files nothing else. So the dilema is, does she have any other option? Any help is greatly appreciated. A donation can be arrange to SX to whoever helps find a solution. The donation can be either $30 VIP or $20 shirt depending whether you have VIP status. Again thanks in advance Smile

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