spoon – Worlds Fastest Port-Scanner

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Well well, our first example on how the nokitel library can used.
It’s a slimmed down, “fast“, SYN-stealth portscanner. The source code is fully commented, and I hope you get a grip of the fundamental functionality.


spoon.exe –show (Lists your network interfaces.)

spoon.exe –nic=eth0 –list=List_Of_IPs.txt –port=21-23,80 –out=Results.txt –delay=2 (A scan with eth0 and delay of 2ms.)
This scanner, was able to transmit 2000 crafted packets towards 2000 individual IP-addresses, per second.

Sweden have an allocated space of about ~25 million IP-addresses.
With spoon, the country of Sweden can be scanned for an individual service, say HTTP (port 80) in a pretty accurate time of 3 hours.
Yes. 3 hours.

How come it’s this fast?

Well. We have a fixed timeout of 5 seconds, no matter how many targets we’re scanning.
So we got no “delay” which would decrease the speed of the scanner.

For more information, read the sourcecode. If you dare. It’s written in VB.Net. Nothing for you C/C++ guys!

Oh yeah!
Do you wish to scan a country?
…Lists of ranges can be downloaded from here http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/ip_ranges/get_ranges.php.

Here’s the sourcecode and the binary http://downloads.ackack.net/spoon_2010_07_11.rar.

Ciao Bella.

thats all from from ackack thank to the folks over there for giving us this awesome piece of software