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ok i know i have asked this in the past: seedbox vs usenet before and the issue was resolved then but since i have moved to a more rural area i need some further advice. as of right now i do not have an isp. there is only 1 isp (other than att dialup) that is able to provide with any signal strenth. they claim i might be able to get 3mb/s if i'm lucky (for ~$35). being a married college student thats a little steep for me at the moment. so here's where i'm at: i currently tether to my phone (no plan...i know i know its stealing Stare ) i get about ~1.4mb/s as long as i keep it on a fan so it does not overheat. but once in a while i might need a large file from private and public sources *hint hint* the only issue is tethering hurts my upload ratio (not sure exactly why but something about sending large amounts of information back through a 3g network, maybe) so i used seedbox last time which helped but i was also using an isp with about ~10.2mb/s (2 rooms shared) so transferring through ftp was no big deal. but i tried transferring through tethering, that was hell! so i would like to know if usenet is much faster, has same or better content, download directly to phone possible, and would it affect my private ratios at all? thanks in advance.

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