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Ok, I feel like a complete noob asking this question... It has been years since I have programmed in java, and from what I remember the answer to my qestion is very simple.

What I am trying to accomlish:

I am writing a program in java. This program saves files that is compiled from data that is retrieved from a mysql database into a gui, then pushes the files out to an rtf file with the itext api. What I need to know is how do I print that file after it is saved? Every time I google it, I always get println included in the search, so I ommit print ln and it comes up with the functions to draw out to the printer (no good).

What I dont want:
To have to draw out to the printer
To have to save it as a pdf

What I do want:
Simple solution to print one file that is saved in the same location everytime.