Mobile Broadband usage limit bypass.

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Ok I have mobile broadband though Cellcom Israel. I am supposed to have unlimited highspeed internet with no usage limits. So heres the deal the last couple of days my connection has been like 0.25Mbps so I am like wtf I am supposed to be getting 21Mbps based on the plan that I have.
I have an Alcatel X500d Mobile broadband dongle. I swap the sim out of my smart phone into it and I am getting 6-15Mbps at (cant use this to connect to the internet it does have a limit of 5 GB per month and I am a very heavy user.

Ok so I call up Cellcom... Which I hate doing in the first place because I don't speak Hebrew yet and inevitably I end up with someone who only speaks Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic the 3 most common languages here.

I ask them WTF is going on I have work to do and at the speed I am getting I cant do it. so of course the ask the usual verification questions and go say according to your account you have been averaging 16GB of data transfer a day since you got the plan 10 days ago. I reply with a yes of course I spend 20 hours a day downloading and uploading to FTP servers with all transfer limitations turner off because time is money and thats why I pay you for a 21Mbps connection (technically 25Mbps but my dongle only supports 21) anyway they tell me that my usage is causing network issues so the server has put me on a speed limitation for 4 days to share the network with others.

My question is there some way to bypass this speed limitation with a proxy or tunnel past there server restriction somehow? I figure ok I will never get my speed unlimited again because I still transfer the same amount of data everyday on the go. I used google a lot to try to research this but all I got was a bunch of crap from people about things that don't really have anything to do with the subject that I am seeking answers on... If anyone has a tut on how to tunnel past the speed limiter on a Cell network I would be greatly appreciative as I am sure many other users in this forum would be too. Especially if there is a software or script that will do it for me since I dont have time to research the subject and write a script myself.

Thanks for all the replies ahead of time!

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