RDP Large File Out of Memory

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Before I start I am NOT interested in using a better file transfer mechanism like FTP because I would like to get the bugs worked out with RDP so I can offer a cloud desktop solution (to a terminal server) without using Citrix.

My router facing Comcast forwards port 3389 to another router in my house that forwards it directly to a Windows Server 2012 VM running on XenServer. I am not using remote access gateway yet. This works just fine, I can RDP to my VM from the public internet.

The problem is when I copy a large file from my Windows 7 device and paste it on my remote session the file transfer will:
1. Begin transferring at about 90 Mb/s (My workstation and the server are both running on SSD so the bottleneck is netowrk) and
2. Slowly reduce speed until about 1 Mb/s and a total of maybe 20 MB then
3. Throw an error:
"Out of memory, there is not enough memory to complete this operation."

Things I have tried:
1. Increased the size of virtual memory
2. Watched the physical memory usage (it doesn't go up much), server has 2 virtual CPUs provisioned and this doesn't go up much either
3. Disabled checksize offloading following a ms kb article
4. Found the exact error in another microsoft kb article, which says to apply vista sp1 (yeah... okay)
5. Checked Citrix forums to see if anyone has reported this (they have, with no solutions)
6. Checked the Event Viewer. It says WMI-Activity
"Id = {D4DC3C1F-6DB5-44E0-8214-2D7175AD55A1}; ClientMachine = ISSDC01; User = ; ClientProcessId = 472; Component = Unknown; Operation = Start IWbemServices::DeleteInstance - Root\Rsop\Computer : RSOP_ExtensionStatus.extensionGuid="{fbf687e6-f063-4d9f-9f4f-fd9a26acdd5f}"; ResultCode = 0x80041002; PossibleCause = Unknown"

I'm trying to isolate this problem to Server 2012, Xenserver 6.1, my virtual nic drivers, the RDP protocol itself? Does anyone have experience with transferring large files via RDP? Both Win 7 and Server 2012 are on the latest updates.

Also, does anyone have server 2012 installed on a bare metal computer so I can see if it's the hypervisor? I don't have a spare computer to test this but it would be fast and simple (be sure to click local resources -> more in RDP settings and try to copy like a 2 GB file).

Thanks for your consideration!