Logitech G930 Wireless Range Mod

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PARTS (edit by RaT):
Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound
Connectors: these from amazon. This 6 pack seems like best bang for your buck currently, but you might be able to find just two of them for less.
Replacement Receiver: if you happen to mess up your receiver you can buy JUST the receiver here at amazon.

After a few weeks with these headphones there was one very apparent issue. I could not check the mail, or mow my yard in 7.1 delight.
As a direct result of my frustration I did what anyone else in their right mind would do, fix that.

Original Dongle:
 photo 7629792452_20bc2434fb_z_zps70c3233a.jpg

New Dongle:
 photo 2-1_zps634eb4a6.jpg

g930 hACK photo 1_zpsa718046c.jpg

 photo G930-Internal-images_zps7267f8fa.png

The Yellow in the picture shows the original antenna's and your testpoints to solder onto. Based on the documentation for the radio, a standard 2.4ghz antenna should work OK, just make sure to use the proper coax and connectors to avoid any loss.

I generally use something similar to this for these types of projects in terms of connectors

The bottom picture shows 2 blue arrows, these are the via's to each TP.

The red boxes immediately connected to each of these blue arrows show the original bits you can remove to detach the original antenna, or you can just cut the trace.

- Enjoying 7.1 down the block now!

Ignore the 2 sizes of antennas (for visual purposes only), the 2 15db omni's kind of dwarfed the enclosure ;D
You'll generally see better overall coverage with lower gain antenna's for 'around the house' due to the nature of high gain omni's


For those of you that aren't familiar with soldering coax to Test Points, check out the following link, search for "Coax Example", some of the best damn pics on the net of this type of mod including a good shot of what dropping a UFL connector on should look like.