how to get help without getting caught

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i am having a problem. it concerns a govt coverup, and i know when i'm in over my head. i can't trust anyone, but don't have a lot of choice anymore. i won't go into too many details, but i am running a linux vm connecting here through tor. i don't know a lot about covering tracks, but am trying. how do i ask for help from some old school hackers without inviting the feds to the party? i hate putting this here, but have not much choice. my preference would be to meet someone in real life, but not knowing anyone with the skills to help leaves that option out.

there is a situation going on where a friend is trying to expose the coverup, but has recently given her number out to an unknown. she asked what to do, and i really wish she had told me that at the start of the conversation, not the end. i told her to lose the phone, get a new number, close her facebook account, and assume someone is listening to everything she says at all times. i have a spare laptop to let her borrow, i'm gonna set it up for her. need advice on what os is most secure, and what else besides tor and a vpn she needs when accessing internet. also, anyone who would like to have a shot at getting some info to expose to the public would be welcome, but as i said, i trust nobody.

if i were all of you, i would advise you to not trust me either. i have just enough knowledge to get myself in trouble here. i don't want to drag anyone else down with me should i get apprehended. granted, i am not doing anything except helping a friend stay safe, but the govt can do what they want, especially in these times. all advice will be weighed. thanx in advance.