Virus isolation and retrieval

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I searched the forum and didn't really find a sufficient answer yet. And I am fairly sure this is a newbie question.

Virus removal is fun and all, but I would like to find the virus and save it.
Is there a good way of quarantining and saving a virus when they come up on a system?

My goal is to save the viruses so I can study them. Maybe run them in a secured environment and document
their behavior. I would like to maybe even disassemble them and find out exactly how they tick. I know this is dependent
on what type of virus it is. I am kinda generalizing this to get instead of an answer, a direction. I do not have
an example virus to go on right now though.

I guess I want to know, what is the best way to find the root of a virus on a system
and then how to save it.

Any help is always appreciated,