Xfinity Dual Band Cable Modem Security...been hacked and HiJacked...HELP

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I was recently had my comcast cable modem wifi router hijacked by someone using IPV6 IP's that they setup as Static IP's via WiFi. They were so arrogant that they even put a text file with all six of their IPV6 addresses listed in it. They screwed up all of my devices including modem, router, PC's, and DNS server settings. They've been piggybacking for about six months running up my data usage to almost 600GB a month costing me an extra $100 a month just for internet service! They're more than likely hosting websites with a lot of traffic with six static IP's. They obviously know what they're doing because they are setting up static IP's on a Comcast residential internet service, and I have been trying to do that for a while but Comcast would not assign me a static IP. They said I had to have a Business Class Internet Service plan which I cannot afford. I have no idea how they're getting their IP addresses or who's assigning them to them??

My question is do you have any network security software that you could send me a link to that will totally secure my cable modem/wifi router and lock it down so this won't happen again?

Also, I want to ask, what do you recommend is the best way to stop this??
Would a Goldeneye DoS solve this problem, or do you think that they would set up another set of fresh IP's, and how can I target them using Goldeneye and their IPV6 addresses??

(I need help setting up Goldeneye because I don't understand how I can specifically target them deny them service by using their IP addresses without their MAC addresses. I don't understand how Goldeneye works exactly. Would you please send me detailed instructions on how to setup and run Goldeneye on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, PLEASE? REALLY NEED HELP!)

I need your help on this one SX because their f-ing up my network systems and I depend on them to write code and troubleshoot PC's because this is how I eat. I don't know enough about networking. I really would love to use a DoS to stop them, but don't know how to set it up so directions would be awesome. I would also appreciate it if you would send me a link with the network security software to secure my comcast cable modem/ wifi router so I can lock them out of it (and directions would really be nice!)

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! I decided to ask you because I know you're great at what you do and I know I can count on you. Thanks in advance.

I'm running Windows 10, but I also have a Mac and Ubuntu Linux box as well just in case you need to know, and I'm using Norton 360 and Malwarebytes for security.

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated,