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So... there was this day that I was bored and decided to wander on the website, and then, looking at things, I saw that they have this super cool library(I found it to be super cool) with economic data, historic things and cool maps... but I don't spend much time reading this content when I'm online, but I do when I'm offline, on the bus, a long trip, etc... but whenever I'm on such situations, I don't have internet, and even though, much of that is downloadable, I don't want to download one by one, it is kinda boring.... So, I have this very awesome and brilliant idea where I write a script in php that get the library page and scrapes it for links and files(href, src, etc...) and download what I want and continues to scrape all of that to automatically download that entire section for me. I'm pretty handy with php scripts myself, since I got php-cgi and lighttpd to run on my phone I play with it now and then... so, you can see that my problem here is not technical, but it is rather a moral/I don't want interpol knoking on my door thing... so, can I do it without consequences? will they go after me if I do it? is it illegal?(I mean, it is publically available for everyone, really!) Will they know? and if they know, will they care? all I want is a buvh of pdf files and jpeg maps... and I find kinda cool that I can get from them... so, any adivice, do I do it or not?

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