Wikileaks, CIA, and Agent Steal

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I found it pretty amusing that the CIA was using a similar technique to my own app, Agent Steal.

wikileaks wrote:

A number of the CIA's electronic attack methods are designed for physical proximity. These attack methods are able to penetrate high security networks that are disconnected from the internet, such as police record database. In these cases, a CIA officer, agent or allied intelligence officer acting under instructions, physically infiltrates the targeted workplace. The attacker is provided with a USB containing malware developed for the CIA for this purpose, which is inserted into the targeted computer. The attacker then infects and exfiltrates data to removable media. For example, the CIA attack system Fine Dining, provides 24 decoy applications for CIA spies to use. To witnesses, the spy appears to be running a program showing videos (e.g VLC), presenting slides (Prezi), playing a computer game (Breakout2, 2048) or even running a fake virus scanner (Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos). But while the decoy application is on the screen, the underlaying system is automatically infected and ransacked.

This was pulled from if you're interested in reading the full thing. I'd be interested to know when the CIA started using this method, although I'm sure others used it even before I did. I think I first used it in 1997, so I'm sure somebody beat me to the punch. I figured that some of you who use Agent Steal probably would find this funny.