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As some of you already know, I've been recently assisting in updating OFACE. Amp got a nice foundation going for it, so I should be able to get features rolled out with reasonable delay considering my free time is limited.

I'm doing my best to focus on core functionality and minimize time spent on aesthetics. Don't be alarmed -- it will be working (I didn't say bug free Wink ), and any major bugs reported will be given top priority. I'm not doing any really funky OS-specific calls (yet), so I don't expect to have many, if any, problems specific to Windows versions.

The next update will include some fixes to the log viewer, specifically how it refreshes, and it may need heavy revamping in the future, but it's not a priority so long as it functions despite its quirks. But the major thing I'm sure you'll appreciate is how scanning tools are launched.

Scanners with configurable launch options/command line switches (the three included in the previous release's configs have them available) will have those options accessible within OFACE, and further you will have the ability to modify and add to the available tools. This will allow you to add/remove tools and modify launch options to suit your preferences. Configs will be similar to .ini format with a mix of proprietary to OFACE but easy-to-read formatting rules. The release will include a readme that explains everything.

Most of the back-end coding is done at this point, so it shouldn't be much longer. I'll consider posting screenshots closer to release, and I'm hoping the community will step up and throw some GUI concept artwork at me post-release so it won't be quite so ugly and plain.

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