Cisco Cert for Programming?

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I'm currently enrolled in a Cisco Networking class, just starting this weekend. So here's my dilemma: I'm working towards a degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering, so this class isn't required. I'm interested in the subject, but my interests right now are outweighed by the class not being required for my major in addition to taking up my Friday nights and Saturday afternoons for the next few months, and then longer if I continue further (and if the schedule doesn't change).

I did read kid's Network+ thread so that's definitely pushing me away from going for the cert, especially since I don't plan on pursuing IT management as a career.

So here's my question: As far as programming is concerned, would CCNA/P benefit me at all? I know I could easily pick up course-type books if I did want to pursue the cert, but that's not really something that catches my interest; I'm much more interested in programming.

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