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Just because it's kinda like my "second major" right now, I'm going to school, and am studying MIS, but doing my basics right now, AND I'm studying Networking and Network stuff. Have always been into computers, device's bla bla bla, I went to the Cisco Networking Academy, also (tell you more about that in just a sec), I really want to get this cert. I took The Cisco Certified Networking Associate courses 1-4 at a local Technology Academy, and the first part of the class was Actually alot like A+. It was all about a little history, then inside, outside, the windows9x and up, different types of OS's and what they did, even talk about server stuff. Had a little thing on security too wasn't bad at all, only thing was, after all that stuff THEN came the Cisco Networking Associate tests and classes 1 - 4, and because there were a few people in the class that didn't get some things is why I did a lot of things over, and over, and over, especially things that had to do with the A+ part of the course. Very education for someone who knew SOME, but it was teaching me a lot more. I have all the material, all the information I think I could possible need, (please don't hesitate to give me more I can never have too much) but sometimes I think (and my dad just won't shut up about it because thats how he did it) I might be waisting my time because I took the A+ failed it, and have just never tried to mess with it again, just did other shit for a while, but should I be more focused on A+ again because its a stepping stone, has a lot of really good material that will help me understand the network + test, or should I go ahead and try and take my network +? I understand everything. I'm taking good notes, I know the material, I've DONE it before, I actually do it somehow about 3 times a months, heh. So what should I do? Thanks a lot everyone.