Need Help Understanding How Servo Motors Work

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Hello, I am not sure if this was the place to put this, however I figured that I would be the better place since Servo Motors are considered a piece of hardware for robots and such. I am curious as to how the inside of them work. How does the electricity sent to them make the gears inside spin? How can you get any type of gear to spin with electricity?

I would have learned all of this in school, however I was recently denied a spot in the pre-engineering program at this sort of high school/college place that preps you for real college.

My goal is to create a life sized remote controlled go-kart that may or may not run on a car battery (depending on how much energy is needed).

I know how to program the servo motors but like I said I would like to know how they work so that I can possibly build my own for my own purposes (stated above).

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