New meme for some. Fucked up veiw of the unseen world for others.

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This fucked up video has been going viral on the net. I've seen it all over. So take a look.

Updated June 21, 2008. WARNING! This video has very gruesome content! Extreme viewer discretion is advised! If you think you are going to get upset or worse by this video, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch it!

If you are underage, do NOT watch this video! If you are a parent and are concerned about your kids viewing this post, please either supervise and/or restrict your children's Internet use or invest in a blocking program.

Bad reactions have been reported by those watching this video.

They are: vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pains, nightmares, feeling suicidal, shaking, trembling, dizziness, chills, headaches, churning stomach, flashbacks, insomnia, crying, laughing and crying simultaneously, agoraphobia (inability to go outside), anxiety, depression, urinating on oneself or feeling one is about to urinate on oneself and inability to stop thinking of the video.

These reactions were noted by surveying comments on bulletin boards and Youtube where the movie and reactions to it were posted.

A very large number of viewers have said that they were sorry they watched it in the first place and are warning everyone else not to watch it. Be careful if you email the video link to others - people have reported angering their friends by sending this to them.

Other fears were more spiritual: some feared that watching this had permanently harmed their souls. More commonly, people said that they would never be able to forget this video as long as they lived.

Adverse reactions have lasted typically hours, but some may last a day or more. One person reported nightmares for weeks, but other than that, I am not aware of any long-lasting, serious or fatal adverse reactions to date.

If you think you may react in any of these ways, please reconsider whether you really want to watch the video.

This video has now been banned from a huge number of Internet fora. There are loud calls to remove it from the Internet or out and out make it illegal. After all, it's a snuff film, and are those even legal or what? It's almost as evil as child porn, and it's somehow legal - that's why people secretly crave to see this horrid stuff they hate so much. Watch it now, if you dare, before the cops in your region ban it now and forever.

New information has just come out proving that this video is real and not a fake. A relative of one of the men killed in the video, Kistaman Odamanov, has identified him as Shamil Odamanov, a Dagestani who went to Moscow to find work in summer 2007. He disappeared in mid-August 2007 and has not been seen since. This implies that he was killed almost immediately after he was captured.