Coming Soon!

Hello everyone in SX land!

'Tis I, Azrael, and I'm letting everyone know that I am still around and that I'm working on a bunch of fresh rants to put out within the next couple of months. First up on the proverbial chopping block, that putrid pile of shit known as Van Helsing. I am currently in the middle of writing that one and hope to have it out soon for you all to enjoy.

The other movies that I plan on doing at some point in the year are as follows:

30 Days of Night
Alexander The Director's Cut
Jason X
The Gate
Halloween 2007
Quantum of Solace
King Arthur 2004
The Ninth Gate
The Chronicles of Riddick
T3 (suggested by Amp)

and living up to my promise of doing movies that I thoroughly enjoy, I will also do the following:

Superman III thru Superman Returns
The Matrix Trilogy

and to really piss people off and give myself a challenge...... Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

If anyone would like to offer their opinion as to what else I should do, and this would make it more fun for me and you, I will gladly take those into consideration.

Now there is no exact date for all these postings or timetable for releases, mainly because it takes time to re-watch these pieces of shit, but I promise to have these out at some point during the year.

Keep watching for Van Helsing and I will post again soon!