Welcome to Bond in November!

When asked about the longest running film franchises one can usually think of two right off the top of the head. The iconic Gojira movies, and of course Bond, James Bond.

Personally, I never really got into the Bond movies as a kid. I was more interested in other shit like Transformers, Thundercats and G.I. Joe. In fact, the first Bond movie I ever saw was with RaT back in 1996 after a long afternoon playing some Killer Instinct and MK3 at the local arcade. I'm not sure about him, but Goldeneye was my first glimpse into the massive world that is Bond. Since then I have collected all twenty-one official Bond movies and one of the two unofficial movies (I'll explain these later). But while I'm preparing the first review (Dr. No) I thought I would give you a little background of the character and history.

Created by Sir Ian Flemming in 1952, James Bond has been the main character in a series of books, movies and television shows. The first instance of Bond being in the media other than print was in 1954 when Casino Royale was adapted into an episode of Climax! on CBS starring Barry Nelson as agent "Jimmy Bond." Less then ten years later there would be three official Bond movies all starring the most famous Bond, Sean Connery. He would later be succeeded twice in the series by George Lazenby and Roger Moore, but would come back one more time in 1983. Moore lasted the longest in the role and was 58 when he finally handed over the reins to Timothy Dalton, who only lasted for two installments ending his involvement with the character in 1989. The series sat in development hell for almost six years before Pierce Brosnan took the role over for four very successful installments. After 2002 the series once again entered development hell until 2006 when the current Bond, Daniel Craig, took up the reins by signing a five installment deal. Right now we're about to see the release of the 22nd installment, and second in the newest Bond timeline, Quantum of Solace.

There's as much information that I'll give for right now because I don't want to spoil the reviews which will offer a ton of info and trivia behind each movie.

Until the first review....