someone hacked my facebook can i got it back.............................

some days ago someone hack my facebook account.....

Then i have try to got it back but i cant

now say me a way how can i got it back........please please........


passion for hacccken anyone wanna be my mentor


im totally unknow with hacking !
i dont even know very well what i can do with my laptop !
im married but not sure if she cheat or not so i want to know all her msg on BBM
i have the mobile nr that she uses and her nickname .
I need urgent REALL help for this .

my mobile nr is +32486.985.920
thx for it and if needed i can reward !


many man are cheated by wife , and so looking for a way to hack into any site ( BBM )
who finally found what he wanted ?

what i said before.

as what i said before it isn't my first time involved with hacking and it all started in 2015 back in last October i was playing around on the internet when i met this girl on a site and she said she was 16 and i'm like well hey i'm 1 year older than you! i was stupid and i said can we online date idk why I WAS SO STUPID so anyways we dated online and then one day i got up in the morning looked at my phone and it said i got a message from her and it said "I SEE YOU" and i gasped obviously and i replied how do you see me...and she said i hacked a drone...well on y next blog ill tell you guys the rest.

a new anon

since i am new to hacking i am now a different just feels weird to be involved, but...its not the first time though i have been.

chrom dox

(function(define, require, requireNative, requireAsync, exports, console, privates,$Array, $Function, $JSON, $Object, $RegExp, $String, $Error) {'use strict';// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// chrome.runtime.messaging API implementation.

// TODO(kalman): factor requiring chrome out of here.
var chrome = requireNative('chrome').GetChrome();
var Event = require('event_bindings').Event;
var lastError = require('lastError');
var logActivity = requireNative('activityLogger');
var logging = requireNative('logging');
var messagingNatives = requireNative('messaging_natives');
var processNatives = requireNative('process');
var utils = require('utils');
var messagingUtils = require('messaging_utils');

// The reserved channel name for the sendRequest/send(Native)Message APIs.
// Note: sendRequest is deprecated.
var kRequestChannel = "chrome.extension.sendRequest";
var kMessageChannel = "chrome.runtime.sendMessage";
var kNativeMessageChannel = "chrome.runtime.sendNativeMessage";

// Map of port IDs to port object.
var ports = {};

// Change even to odd and vice versa, to get the other side of a given
// channel.
function getOppositePortId(portId) { return portId ^ 1; }

// Port object. Represents a connection to another script context through
// which messages can be passed.
function PortImpl(portId, opt_name) {
this.portId_ = portId; = opt_name;

var portSchema = {name: 'port', $ref: 'runtime.Port'};
var options = {unmanaged: true};
this.onDisconnect = new Event(null, [portSchema], options);
this.onMessage = new Event(
[{name: 'message', type: 'any', optional: true}, portSchema],
this.onDestroy_ = null;

Look for TWCable routers..Examples below..

SSID: "DG1670A52"
psk: "DG1670ACF5052"
SSID: "DG1670AD2"
psk: "DG1670AA9EBD2"
SSID: "TC8715D0D"
psk: "TC8715DB3270D"
SSID: "TC8717T26"
psk: "TC8717T111726"
SSID: "TG862G12"
psk: "TG862GBF4E12"

Sik1est3 /G\


First download Router Keygen Apk..this app gives you the name of the router..and of course the Mac address.. Use the first(4) of the last (6) of the Mac address and place them in front of the last (2) of the name of the router..TimeWarner Routers only..if the router's default on its is the password!! Enjoy..Sik1est3 /G\ ORDER of the TEMPLAR KNIGHTS /•\


I have a problem of login into admin accounts (cpanel, inmotion hosting etc...). Last several websites that i have hacked using SQL injection , and obtaining admin username,password , as well as finding admin login pages ( . Every time same message (INVALID LOGIN).....Can anyone help???
Thanks for your time!!!!
P.S. This is a link to my latest failed admin login attempted:

username: Admin
password: wtjV0uFSoKRRl6Y%3D

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