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Since I've been unavailable due to being at Defcon, I figure I would give a quick update on what is coming down the pipeline. First off, I will be continuing to revise the HDB as necessary. In addition to this, I also will have to get back to work on some other projects for the group (OFACE being one of them) and some more behind the scenes work. The big thing is that I typically do an annual recap about Defcon. This year though.... I've decided to handle it differently as it will be a "blasts" post along with an afterword containing some real thoughts and concerns!


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Adversary Resistant Systems

The world has been shaken in 2015. First the Office of Personnel Management lost everything it had on four million Americans with security clearances. Then Italy's Hacking Team lost control of the entire contents of their corporate systems. Then in quick succession NYSE and United Airlines were down, around the same time an outsider managed to send commands to a Turkish Patriot missile battery deployed in the field.

Among the Hacking Team treasures was the source code for Remote Control System, a piece of second string espionageware, not quite as capable as Duqu or Flame, but still quite dangerous in the hands of an entity with good operating discipline. Along with the C&C (command & control) the world also got to see the range of methods used to compromise target systems. Among these was an appliance for man on the side attacks – a Corruptor-Injector Network tool.

We started to understand how dangerous things had truly become thanks to Snowden's leak in 2013. Now with the Hacking Team intrusion we can see the full spectrum of tools and methods employed by a small but skilled surveillance dragnet operator. No amount of legislation or law enforcement is going to fix problems like this unless it also utterly breaks the good stuff the Internet does.

What the world needs are Adversary Resistant Systems, and there are a number of grassroots projects that already provide quite a bit of functionality.

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hacker comunity the god of tech world

the most wonder full thing in this teck loving world is mobile and p.c, the r the sorce every work... Those thing r now our part , with out them we cant live . But the real fact is that the hacker can control your pc and mobile... So i am try ing to say that harcker are God and a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s..


Here we allow you to communicate with each other,so that your conversations may not be monitored,and here we only talk about how to hack,we didnt allow this so that you can turn this site to a social network,this site is only meant to be teaching you how to hack and Remember DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS SITE CARELESSLY IN PUBLIC,ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

OFACE plans

I've kept it mostly low key, but those who are not VIP may benefit from this post. Most of the OFACE news and development is mostly going to be in the VIP forums of the site. Currently, we are in alpha releases and will be doing further updates on there. For those who have supported us and helped with its development I thank you for your support.

im so new here that OMG dont loose patience ...

bare with me people im slow but i am sure we will click to everything wellcome to me a nd all


Anybody interested in a international hacking/trolling group contact me at my email for info to join.

This is an partial criminal acting team if you don't want to be named don't say your name and don't go to the authorities ever.

If you are just looking for a group to learn new stuff or get info still join we need you.

Thank you.

- KiNgLaSH667

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