Here we allow you to communicate with each other,so that your conversations may not be monitored,and here we only talk about how to hack,we didnt allow this so that you can turn this site to a social network,this site is only meant to be teaching you how to hack and Remember DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS SITE CARELESSLY IN PUBLIC,ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

OFACE plans

I've kept it mostly low key, but those who are not VIP may benefit from this post. Most of the OFACE news and development is mostly going to be in the VIP forums of the site. Currently, we are in alpha releases and will be doing further updates on there. For those who have supported us and helped with its development I thank you for your support.

im so new here that OMG dont loose patience ...

bare with me people im slow but i am sure we will click to everything wellcome to me a nd all


Anybody interested in a international hacking/trolling group contact me at my email for info to join.

This is an partial criminal acting team if you don't want to be named don't say your name and don't go to the authorities ever.

If you are just looking for a group to learn new stuff or get info still join we need you.

Thank you.

- KiNgLaSH667

Ok so this is a little far fetched with current tech, meh food for thought

Ok so I have a vision of a future product. It's honest viability: unknown.
The mind, mans greatest enigma, has puzzled us since the early philosophers and physicians started
to study ourselves. Obviously we have found out that our brain functions on electrical impulses.
So our thoughts have to be just electrical signals resonating at specific frequencies, hence EKG
machines to look at patterns of frequency. We have found that the brain resonates at a very low frequency.

In theory we can one control thoughts by matching up the frequencies and sending the data to the brain.
If the frequency would be compatible the brain might accept it.

Now to the main topic: Telepathic Communication
I do not believe it to be in the realm of reality to just think a thought and have it transmit directly
to another person brain. However, I do think it would be possible to have a device to interface the brainwaves
There would have to be a pattern of communication in every persons brain. I would think that it works
similarly across the board, at least that portion of the mind. If the device could amplify those frequencies
It could have a means of amplifying and transmitting that thought to another device. I am not sure
on the best way to transmit the thought would be though. I think for people who can see have a
well trained visual cortex and can usually recreate images really well from memory based on what
was seen. So transmitting pictures could possibly work better than maybe converting the idea into
sound. Anyway, the next step I would love to see with this is directly injecting data into your brain. You could
learn a new language in a matter of minutes. Now if that is not some matrix shit there.
I do fear the day this is ever possible though. The exploitability of this would be crazy, and
exactly what big bro would love to happen. Imagine being able to directly input into a human brain.

A brief overview of Defcon

I figure I would cover some stuff about Defcon quickly while I had the chance. Overall, we had a sizable crew presence this year which was surprising. The events overall were a mixed bag with some hits and big misses. However, for me this was a rather important Defcon as originally I had no plans on going until I was convinced otherwise as it was the first time that I would be going with a budget that wasn't shoestring and there were a few things I wanted to do while I had the chance.

First off, let's talk about the theme. While Edward Snowden's decision to leak sensitive information was shortly before last year's event, this year was the first one to reflect the ramifications of those leaks. The end result is that the bright and vibrant theme from last year is gone, changed to a darker tone with some aspects based off of the film 'They Live' and other aspects have a zombified influence. Overall, it was somewhat appropriate, but it did go a bit over the top.

As for the events, they were a mixed bag. The dcdarknet, which I had planned on participating in, was not ran very well in my mind and the badge aspect of the game was completely mishandled, which when I take into effect the problematic missions once again returning I feel this should not have been a black badge event. However, there some good ideas seen with a crypto/security village introduced and an expansion of other villages. The biggest draw that I had were the music acts, with The Orb pumping out a great set despite having visible headphone issues early on. Overall, mixed bag, but the good outweighed the bad.

why spell check is needed on phones lol

steps of pen testing

There are four basic steps of Penetration Testing…….Well the fifth one is filing the report but you don’t need to know THAt!! SO, 5 steps of awesomeness. These steps area as follows:
1. Information Gathering : The more you know about the target, the more easily its going to be for you to influence him. The easier to influence will in turn make you avail to more information, and more influence and more information and on and on and on until you know everything about that target……..OH LOOK!! YOU HAVE A LIFE PARTNER NOW!!
2. Scanning : Information is gathered at first, now you gotta find out the information available for that moment. That is accomplished by scanning. it is used to know whether the host is up, which port is open and then finding vulnerability a structural weakness if you will. No system is invincible, there is a kryptonite for every superman. THAT’s what the purpose of scanning is, finding the superman system’s kruptonite.
3. Sniffing: Its more like a blood hound activity, finding the weakness and sniff out whatever you can from the cracks or in the system’s case passwords, usernames, secrets normally anything not everyone would want you to see. in kali sniffing techniques include wireshark, ettercap etc. Then the companies will ask you to fix this, and yo ass get paid.
4. Exploitation: Now the stage is a set, you know the info, the weaknesses, the passwords. Its now time to whoop them up for action. Expliotation deals with exploiting whatever the attacker has gathered in the last 3 steps and then explioting the system, or the organization. Its the final test that a Pen-Tester use to look down on companies and say”YOU ARE WEAK!!” and then the companies ask them for tips on how to fix it.
“Nothing in the world is impenetrable, Invincibility is an illusion used on the people so they can look the other way and get their ass handed to them”

Amp Blasts: Best Buy

Ya know, there are times where many people want to be able to get movies, music, games, and some PC hardware. The reality is though that for many people who don't like in major metropolitan areas in the US, the choices are limited with regards to brick and mortar. This would eventually result in the one place to go becoming none other than Best Buy. However, I feel that Best Buy is not only on the way out, but has done a considerable amount of damage with regards to consumer quality with the spectacularly terrible decisions they have made over the years.

First, most of the electronics sold are hardly quality. The two major cable suppliers are Dynex and RocketFish, both owned by Best Buy themselves and typically are very poor quality with an up-marked price tag when compared to similar cables online that reaches astronomical levels of what the fuck. Then there are the low quality PC products that they sell, which includes their 'high end' since most of the laptop models utilize one heatsink pipe for both the GPU and CPU. The biggest what the hell is the extra warranties that they attempt to sale which to me feels dirty since many times there can be loose verbiage to avoid payout once the standard warranty is at an end. Overall, don't bother getting electronics here.

Second, there is the matter of it's video selection, or rather the increasing lack thereof. Now, I am actually of the opinion that they made the right move to reduce the anime footprint cause quite frankly, anime does not make money in this day and age. However, the general selection has become nothing short of abysmal and there is an insistence of pushing the site to store option which barely has any better of a selection and will take a considerable amount of time to arrive. The end result is that for people wanting a good DVD/Blu-Ray selection, go on Amazon or other online vendors.

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