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just wait you can run or hide but you can't escape from devil

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37000+ Facebook Accounts Hacked By AnonCoders

37000+ Facebook Accounts Hacked By AnonCoders

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37000+ Facebook Accounts Hacked By AnonCoders
Happy 3rd Anniversary 01.01.2015 - 01.01.2018 (AnonCoders)
We Are: Unknown Al / Black Worm / DarkShadow-TN / Dr.T3rr0r
There Is No God But Allah Is Unique And Hz. Muhammad ( S.A.V ) Is The Messenger Of Allah !
It All Starts With ALLAH The Universe, Humanity, And Our Own Conception.
And It All Comes Back To ALLAH In The End.
There Is No Victory Without ALLAH, No Progress, No Peace.
Strengthen Your Relationship With ALLAH In The Easy Times, And You Will Find ALLAH Beside You In The Hard Times.

To All Corporate Governments | To All Countries
This Is To Inform All And Everyone On The World, That Muslims Are Not Terrorists.
It Is A Misconception That Muslims Are Spreading Terrorism, When In All Reality, The Governments Are Killing Innocents And They Are The True Terrorists.
Islam Is Religion Of Peace And It Reaches The Most Peaceful Ways Of Living. Allah Is The Most Beloved To His Creatures In This World.
The Most Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) Was The Most Loving & Honest Person Which World Has Ever Seen. So, How Can His Followers Be Terrorists.
An Insurrectionist Who Kills A Noncombatent Is A Guilty To Islam, Any Kind Of Violence Is A Capital Offence In The Islamic Laws So Surely One Can Say ,
That Any One Who Is Responsible For Killing Of Innocent People Is Not A Muslim , And Has Denied To The Words Of Quran Which Say:
"He Who Kills A Man Is Responsible For Killing All Mankind"

Stop Blaming ISLAM For All Those False Flags Done By The Zionists, The Illuminati, Freemasons, Evil Sects, Special Evil Agencies Of USA, Europe And Israel, The Governments And Whatever...

Hello fellow hackers

I have become a new hacker known as n0idb0t I'm your average hacker though I'm new to the hacker community I am one of you though I have been bullied always top hated and now that will change. Today I will change the bullies lives forever.

Thank you for reading this,
sincerely n0idb0t

How to Hack Android Using Kali Linux

Hello Hackers Of the World

looking for a hacker to partner with

looking for a hacker to help mi with credit card info etc

Day 0

We all gotta start somewhere, right? I had an account here, a few years back when I was younger and dumber. I asked some stupid questions, felt like I stepped all over my dick, and let both the account and the burner email tied to it die.

Now I'm back. A little wiser. Sanity is a little more frayed but hey, who's isn't? I think I've finally figured out how to get my points across and shut my fucking mouth, so here's hoping this time things go better. the point of why I'm here, dear reader: to learn. I have ideas. I have goals. And I have dreams I gave up on that with just a *little* elbow grease and a spit shine, I might be able to revive.

So...without further ado, my battle plan as it stands now (revisions will occur):

1. Finally spend the time to figure out how to lock down my network. I've got enough sensitive shit on there now that it's finally pertinent.

2. Figure out how to bridge a couple pieces of the network. Double NAT, yada yada. It works and it works well, it's just fucking ugly and I don't like it.

3. Revive the alienware. Again. Find a legit, CLEAN bootleg of EthOS ('cause fuck paying for that shit) and fire 'er up.

4. Fuck my employer, I hate those assholes. "Borrow" some resources and mine some cryptocurrency. Along that thread of though....learn how to create a dropper for delivering the payload. Also...learn how to create/maintain a botnet because..why the fuck not? Whatever.
Botnet-->deploy at work-->mine cryptocurrency-->???-->PROFIT!

5. Let that be the last bit of black hat we do because I'm a bigger fan of learning than I am of screwing people over.

6. Wipe the KSP machine (for the love of god, back up your saves!). Decide if you're going back to Kali, or dabbling with another distro. Why'd we ditch Kali, anyway? Something about v2 and not playing nice with my homework dummy.

i want to hack any facebook account

so if anybody can help me to hack a facebook account.i want to be a hacker and want to hack any facebook account
so can you help me?

First step for everything


its been a while

Oh wow, its been I while since I post anything here, mostly I love the tools page but I gotta reckon that some of the links need an update. Its good to see you all my dear brothers and sisters, I hope I could come back to the digital world soon enough, ai just need some time and practice, I forgot almost everything I've learned back in the day, LOL I'm way too rusty

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