Wants to learn unethical hacking

hello....geekers i want to hacking it is not matter its legal or illigal.........only i wants to learn any types of hacking............plz can anyonne help me

someone hacked my facebook can i got it back.............................

some days ago someone hack my facebook account.....

Then i have try to got it back but i cant

now say me a way how can i got it back........please please........


passion for hacccken anyone wanna be my mentor


im totally unknow with hacking !
i dont even know very well what i can do with my laptop !
im married but not sure if she cheat or not so i want to know all her msg on BBM
i have the mobile nr that she uses and her nickname .
I need urgent REALL help for this .

my mobile nr is +32486.985.920
thx for it and if needed i can reward !


many man are cheated by wife , and so looking for a way to hack into any site ( BBM )
who finally found what he wanted ?

what i said before.

as what i said before it isn't my first time involved with hacking and it all started in 2015 back in last October i was playing around on the internet when i met this girl on a site and she said she was 16 and i'm like well hey i'm 1 year older than you! i was stupid and i said can we online date idk why I WAS SO STUPID so anyways we dated online and then one day i got up in the morning looked at my phone and it said i got a message from her and it said "I SEE YOU" and i gasped obviously and i replied how do you see me...and she said i hacked a drone...well on y next blog ill tell you guys the rest.

a new anon

since i am new to hacking i am now a different just feels weird to be involved, but...its not the first time though i have been.

chrom dox

(function(define, require, requireNative, requireAsync, exports, console, privates,$Array, $Function, $JSON, $Object, $RegExp, $String, $Error) {'use strict';// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// chrome.runtime.messaging API implementation.

// TODO(kalman): factor requiring chrome out of here.
var chrome = requireNative('chrome').GetChrome();
var Event = require('event_bindings').Event;
var lastError = require('lastError');
var logActivity = requireNative('activityLogger');
var logging = requireNative('logging');
var messagingNatives = requireNative('messaging_natives');
var processNatives = requireNative('process');
var utils = require('utils');
var messagingUtils = require('messaging_utils');

// The reserved channel name for the sendRequest/send(Native)Message APIs.
// Note: sendRequest is deprecated.
var kRequestChannel = "chrome.extension.sendRequest";
var kMessageChannel = "chrome.runtime.sendMessage";
var kNativeMessageChannel = "chrome.runtime.sendNativeMessage";

// Map of port IDs to port object.
var ports = {};

// Change even to odd and vice versa, to get the other side of a given
// channel.
function getOppositePortId(portId) { return portId ^ 1; }

// Port object. Represents a connection to another script context through
// which messages can be passed.
function PortImpl(portId, opt_name) {
this.portId_ = portId; = opt_name;

var portSchema = {name: 'port', $ref: 'runtime.Port'};
var options = {unmanaged: true};
this.onDisconnect = new Event(null, [portSchema], options);
this.onMessage = new Event(
[{name: 'message', type: 'any', optional: true}, portSchema],
this.onDestroy_ = null;

Look for TWCable routers..Examples below..

SSID: "DG1670A52"
psk: "DG1670ACF5052"
SSID: "DG1670AD2"
psk: "DG1670AA9EBD2"
SSID: "TC8715D0D"
psk: "TC8715DB3270D"
SSID: "TC8717T26"
psk: "TC8717T111726"
SSID: "TG862G12"
psk: "TG862GBF4E12"

Sik1est3 /G\

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