It's that time of year again.

Ah fall, my favorite time of year. Mostly because of the best holidays of the year comes around now, Halloween. Admit it people, we all love to be scared. And what else does this best than a good horror movie. But as we all know not all horror movies are good. In fact, most down right suck as of late. Well, I'm going to attempt something I was thinking of doing last year, but I didn't get a leg up on it early enough to tackle it. So this year I thought I would try again this year, and hopefully I'll be able to pull it off. The only issues with reviews going up would be conflicts with my personal life, school (finally going back) or work.

So baring any of that, this September/October you'll be getting a review a horror review almost daily.

If you guys have any requests go ahead and post em, I'll see if I can either get a copy or work it in.