Special Halloween Horror Review

I don't really have any free time to write too many of these, but I'm making a special point tonight because of that wonderful time of the year. Mother fuckin' Halloween! I just finished watching this movie and my thoughts about it are still very fresh in my mind.

For your reading pleasure, I bring you the new "classic" Trick 'r Treat.

****************spoilers below*********************************

The movie itself is unlike any horror movie they've done recently. In fact, the movie was slated for release back in October of 2007, but for some reason Warner's pulled the movie and never showed it until last Halloween at select showings. And from the reviews that came out after the limited showings, the movie was perfect and no one could understand why they decided to not open it to a wider theater selection. Well, the rest of American was finally given a chance to see it, a whole year later when the movie finally came out on DVD this month. And what can I say, the reviews were right, there is nothing wrong with this movie at all. I would call it pure genius.

The movie follows 4 seperate story lines that are very nicely interconnected together. The four stories are about a High School principal, a group of girls out for some Halloween fun, a group of kids up to no good and an old man who I'll describe as the Scrooge of Halloween.
Now, I'm very limited in what I can really say about this movie, because I actually do not want to give any of the story away, but I will say this, this movie is about the stories and not about the body count and gore factor. If you loved Creepshow, you will love this movie.

There is a quote in the movie from a character that really sums up the ideas behind all these stories.
"Halloween goes back to Celtic Pagan traditions that celebrated the one night where the veil between the land of the dead and the land of the living is so thin that people can walk between them."

As a final thought I leave you with this last description, which is why I have the above spoiler warning. This movie gives you a small town Halloween celebration mixed with murder, werewolves, zombies and a creepy as fuck little guy named Sam.

Happy Watching!!!