Get off my lawn - and stop posting bullshit.

As of recently I have noticed a horrendous trend on the forums that I would like to see disappear.

For some reason, just about every forum thread of recently has regarded Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Help me do this, etc.

I WANT TO BE CLEAR - LMGTFY posts about computer repair will put you on my ignore list for the forum.

I've pretty much blacklisted several forum members for posting non-stop garbage threads about crap they could goggle.

This is my personal warning to all forum members (may or may not reflect other Crew/High Council):

This is a forum for security concious individuals, operated by said individuals, for like minded people.
I do not care to help you with your Windows Install, Virus Removal or fixing your fucking printer.
I come to this forum in search of additional knowledge, if you are posting threads that do not relate to security I will promptly ignore you, not just your thread.

Personally I have no interest in reliving my previous years as an IT bitch, nor do I care to read it.

If you want computer help, please go to another forum.
If you are here for security, hacking, coding, phreaking, modding, reversing - Please stay.