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Get off my lawn - and stop posting bullshit.

As of recently I have noticed a horrendous trend on the forums that I would like to see disappear.

For some reason, just about every forum thread of recently has regarded Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Help me do this, etc.

I WANT TO BE CLEAR - LMGTFY posts about computer repair will put you on my ignore list for the forum.

I've pretty much blacklisted several forum members for posting non-stop garbage threads about crap they could goggle.

This is my personal warning to all forum members (may or may not reflect other Crew/High Council):

This is a forum for security concious individuals, operated by said individuals, for like minded people.
I do not care to help you with your Windows Install, Virus Removal or fixing your fucking printer.
I come to this forum in search of additional knowledge, if you are posting threads that do not relate to security I will promptly ignore you, not just your thread.

My Hardware Hacking rant.

A common problem I see in the so-called "hacking" world is the common belief that if you cant code in C# and write your own exploits in Assembly that you are not a true hacker. I say this is a giant load. I tend to agree that super human black hats do certainly posses these skills, but that's not really the only form of hacking much less the original one.

Looking back in history the first true hackers (or so as I interpret it) are the Ham radio guys. Aside from the fact that radio existed long before software existed, These are the guys that were cracking open hardware to salvage crystals, tubes, and whatever else they could to build or modify other equipment to fit their needs.

Temporarily Missing

Hey Guys, I'm going to be missing temporarily for a week or so as far as productivity goes.

I've had a recent rash of disasters that have kind of divert my attention else where.

RAT - I haven't forgotten about you buddy! I appreciate your patience, I'll get the latest firmware on this bad boy and get it in the mail as soon as possible. (No seriously!)

Grey, Congrats on replacing myself as the crews newest member!

Rants: SFF Cases and External Power bricks.

Recently I have seen the market make a dismal shift in the wrong direction by manufactures to SFF (Small Form Factor) cases.

I'd like to take a moment of your time (HOPEFULLY YOU ARE A HARDWARE DEVELOPER AND WILL LISTEN!) to explain that Small form factor cases are lame.

Here's a list of why this idea fucking sucks:

2. Proprietary Bullshit ass hardware (YES YOU MAC MINI!)
4. AIRFLOW (I'll give you this one Mac Mini - good job here) NO large after market heat sinks
5. I can't stuff 10 hard drives in there
6. Where does my water cooling go?
7. WTH I can't fit a full size GPU???
8. Why is my power supply half way down this cord?

My second point, is that if you remove the Power Supply and stick it in a separate brick, you're a fucking idiot. (xbox 360, wii, mac mini, etc)

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