Rants: SFF Cases and External Power bricks.

Recently I have seen the market make a dismal shift in the wrong direction by manufactures to SFF (Small Form Factor) cases.

I'd like to take a moment of your time (HOPEFULLY YOU ARE A HARDWARE DEVELOPER AND WILL LISTEN!) to explain that Small form factor cases are lame.

Here's a list of why this idea fucking sucks:

2. Proprietary Bullshit ass hardware (YES YOU MAC MINI!)
4. AIRFLOW (I'll give you this one Mac Mini - good job here) NO large after market heat sinks
5. I can't stuff 10 hard drives in there
6. Where does my water cooling go?
7. WTH I can't fit a full size GPU???
8. Why is my power supply half way down this cord?

My second point, is that if you remove the Power Supply and stick it in a separate brick, you're a fucking idiot. (xbox 360, wii, mac mini, etc)

If you are a Hardware developer and trying to figure out how to make something Smaller, putting some of the internals in a separate box halfway down the cord IS FUCKING STUPID! Thank you for totally ruining my attempt at Wire management.

Putting something in a separate box is not making it Smaller!!!!!! This is a WORTHLESS attempt to make your product look pretty. If your consumers are so caught up on how fancy your device looks, over how well it functions (MAC anyone??) then you should say fuck your end users and get some real customers. When you have to sacrifice common sense and functionality to make a product more attractive, you should hit the drawing board again.

Someone is likely going to comment some shit on "Well the PSU separate helps with heat BLA BLA BLA", sure I will give you that, but there is a reason that the BTX case design exists. I still see absolutely NO point to having them separate other than heat and looks. And heat can be dissipated with good design, and looks, well my stance is fuck them. Ever seen a Sun V series? Ugly as shit, but solid as rock.

/ end rant.