Amp has been a member of SOLDIERX since 2000. His more notable contributions include flash animations for the community and numerous tutorials. (Which include, but are not limited to one on free dial-up internet access published in 2000, and more recently the Basic Programming Concepts series of tutorials that were started in 2011 and as of July 2013 is updated and added to as seen fit by him.) Shortly after a period as Vice President in 2001 to 2002, he opted to take a temporary leave of absence from SX due to outside commitments taking up much of his time. Despite opting to stay outside of the scene, he has helped with some of the creative work behind SOLDIERX through the years.

Despite being hesitant to do so, April 2008 he took the role of Presidential Adviser due to tensions rising between members of the group. In September 2008, he would directly intervene after audiofiles of Durandal snitching on other members surfaced and with RaT's blessing expelled him from SX. In October 2009, he would step out of the role of Presidential Adviser as these tensions were resolved by that point and acted mainly as an Enforcer. On March 29th, 2010, Amp announced his retirement from SoldierX as he felt that he was no longer able to effectively contribute to SoldierX due to lack of availability. However, he would still contribute to the site regularly.

In April 2011, he was informed by RaT that he contributed more content than many active members despite his minimal availability. This would prompt him to make a scathing post about the perceived lack of productivity from the crew and shortly thereafter return as crew.


Helped SOLDIERX be one of the first "hacking" sites to use flash intros. (A decision he would later regret given the format's later misuse.)

Took the infamous "where's the free beer" picture of BadGer and helped take over the hotel video feed at Defcon 8.

Was one of the first major contributors to the HDB and one of the leading sources of uncovering IRL names.

Wrote the Basic Programming Concepts series of tutorials due to his legitimate dislike of most introductory programming books.

Restarted OFACE from scratch and has made alpha releases available via SX VIP.

Considers Contemporary Christianity to be a "plague of mediocrity."


Hates Christmas!

Changes appearence every four years.

Wants to punch Pat Monahan and Adam Levine in the face.