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Former VP of SOLDIERX. Generally known as a drunk due to his "BadGer versus Budweiser" profile.

He broke away from the group circa 2001 after there was an argument between him and RaT - due to him not refunding money to people who paid to stay in the SX room at Defcon, but later decided not to stay there. He was the VP from 1999 until 2001. He had a small stint at Hewlett Packard, but left the company due to not being paid what he felt was acceptable. After that, he left computers - although he did show up to a SOLDIERX gathering in 2010.


Not really famous at all

Longest running VP SOLDIERX ever had

Was tricked into thinking the hotel fridge at Defcon had free beer by Amp.


Did energy workouts with John Draper (Captain Crunch)