Benny was a virus coder with the group 29A and was hired by Zoner Software (he worked as the main developer for Zoner Anti-Virus) in late 2004. His viruses and worms are all proof of concepts intended to show new techniques for file and computer infection. None of Benny's viruses or worms were ever released into the wild by him. His first virus was called Pascal, which he himself did not really like. His first serious virus was Eva, which creates new headers in PE files. In his time with 29A, he published several viruses and worms as well as engines and tutorials. One of his most famous viruses was Installer, which he coded with Darkman and was the first Windows 2000 virus, coming out two weeks before Windows 2000 was released. Another pioneering was Leviathan, the first multi-threading virus.


In 2004 November, Benny was arrested by Czech police for an alleged connection to the Slammer worm but no connection was ever found.