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Blake Self

Blake Self was initially most widely known for co-authoring the first commercial encrypted instant messenger with Dr. Cyrus Peikari while at VirusMD in the late 90s. He has since become known for his various talks at information security conferences. He has been attending Defcon since high school and has given several talks. He has also spoken at the SERC Showcase, CERIAS Symposium, S^2ERC Showcase, and Hackcon. He has worked as a SIPRNET Administrator, Department of Defense Red Team Analyst, Director of Information Technology, and R&D at various corporations. He currently works in the financial sector and was directly involved in defending against the DDoS attacks of Operation Ababil. Blake holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University.


Was once called the backstreet boy of hacking.

Won Mercatur's 2001 Hacker Hotties Contest

Wrote the current SMS, IRC, Signal, and Keybase implementation of SMIRCH for the Mojave Phone Booth


Makes wine for private Defcon events