IRL Name: 
Kyle Barnthouse

Durandal is not known for any hacks or accomplishments. The only thing he is known for is his time in SOLDIERX and for being the only member that was ever exiled by SOLDIERX. He was brought into SOLDIERX by BadGer, the former Vice President of SOLDIERX. According to BadGer, Durandal was an annoying kid who would not leave him alone until he let him become a member. This went unknown for almost 10 years (when BadGer came forward after hearing of Durandal's expulsion from the group).

Through snitching and hustling, Durandal lied his way into the rank of Vice President of SOLDIERX. After promising to give a speech at Defcon 16 and then failing to work on it or even show up, Durandal was stripped of his rank in SOLDIERX. Several weeks later, recordings surfaced of a conversation where he attempted to dime out other members of SOLDIERX. Upon this revelation, Amp posted the recordings and announced his immediate expulsion from the group. Afterwards, other accounts were submitted and verified - including his involvement as a narc against both David Condrey (Conundrum) and Anthony Jerdine. On another note, it turns out that the person who social engineered him over the phone was Kevin Mitnick (or at least claimed to be).


Turned in Anthony Jerdine for reward money

Known for writing "The Birth of Phreaking" which was just a shitty rehash of old information.

Claimed to run a group called LOTD in the mid 1990s.

Fired from Best Buy Geek Squad (he convinced SX to crack MRI shortly after)

Was arrested at Defcon on August 1st, 2009 for carrying a concealed weapon.

Lost a civil suit for the principle sum of $410,697.53 USD plus interest until paid.

On July 28th, 2015, lost another civil suit for the principle sum of $175,000 USD plus interest.

Attempted to sue SOLDIERX members for libel and lost.

Ruins everything.

On March 28th, 2013 was found guilty of attempted possession of drugs and attempted illegal cultivation of marijuana. Originally felony charges, but were reduced to misdemeanors.

At one point, had a civil warrant out relating to child support.


Internet Tough Guy

Believed to be the secret identity of Snowflame!

Social Engineered by Kevin Mitnick

Asked for the post saying he was expelled from the group to say he left of his own accord.

Claims to have given the speech at Defcon.

Claims to be the CEO of various companies that seem to have not existed.