Lord Digital

IRL Name: 
Patrick Karel Kroupa

Patrick Kroupa, aka Lord Digital, is an American hacker, writer and activist born in January, 1969 in Los Angeles. He was a member of the first pirate/cracking crew ever for Apple computers known as The Apple Mafia and other well known groups such as the Knights of Shadow. He created a phreaking and hacking toolkit for the Apple II called Phantom Access, and wrote countless papers on phreaking and hacking early Apple systems in his early teens. As a member of Legion of Doom, he was involved in The Great Hacker war. The hacker war, along with many members of LOD being arrested as a result of federal crackdowns prompted him to co-found MindVox with Dead Lord in 1991. He is also the author of "Voices in my Head, MindVox: The Overture", a compelling first-person view of the hacker underground during the "Golden Age" of cyberspace.


Spent four months living at the Wat Tham Krabok

Was a member of the Yippie Speaker's Bureau

Kroupa is High Priest of Sacrament of Transition


Chain smokes throughout most of his lectures

At one time, was injecting $1000 worth of heroin a day