Holiday Releases Part 2 - Agent Steal and DECAF news

We hope that everybody had a good xmas. As part two of our holiday releases, we have an Agent Steal bug fix release for the public and a password stealing version for VIP members. Hopefully our public release addresses all of the bugs discovered in the initial release. We also look forward to getting feedback from our VIP members on the new features in the Agent Steal pre-release.

It's been nice to see that our DECAF release made the news. The best thing about the DECAF release is that the authors actually contacted us and thanked us for our work! That's the first time we've ever been thanked for patching a binary Tongue The authors of DECAF have released a version 2 today that apparently does not have any of the phone home functions of the original version. They also mentioned us in their press release, which is pretty damn cool in my opinion. We will be looking at their binary tomorrow and posting our findings. They seem like they are making an honest effort to do the right thing, so I am willing to bet that they followed through with their word. Check out for the release. I will post our findings sometime tomorrow.

Also keep checking back as part three of our holiday releases is coming soon. (Hint: It's coming from neotek)