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I was sort of wondering what everyone thought about the quality of tutorials that should be included on the site. I know that this site contains a majority of "knowledgeable" people but, new users of varying knowledge are joining every day. To me, this seems to call for a more extensive knowledge base. Instead of the "assumed expertise" stance that some (or most) tutorials on this site seem to take; it should be opened up to a broader standpoint.

As a quick example, the tutorial Remotely Exploiting MS08-067 to achieve Administrative rights on 2k and 2k3 assumes a certain amount of knowledge on a few different fronts. However, to find that information, a person is required to go elsewhere. When people go elsewhere, that eats up potential traffic to the site. Traffic equals ad revenue (which isn't being used and could offset the cost for non-vip members).

Now, by the time the person in question has Googled their way through dozens of different sites (some good, some bad [info or otherwise]) looking for the information they could have found here, they most likely won't need the help of the SX team.

Personally, I have encountered this at many different sites with varying degrees of rudeness. I have received well thought out directional advice as well as "Hurr.. Try Go0gle n00b!!!". In the case of example 1, I attempted to come back occasionally but, most likely I never had a need to (specific problem/specific forum combo). In case 2 (usually Google brought me there), I never bothered to even check follow-up posts.

So, for the TLDR people:
Should we post as many "decent" tutorials as possible to maximize potential ad clicks or keep it semi-elite?

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