How To Get Banned

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This is a tutorial on how to get banned from I will update it as I think of more ways for people to get banned Smile

1. Break the Forum Rules. Most people violate this by posting about Best Buy tools in public areas of the site. While you could instantly get banned by violating these, you usually receive a 5 to 10 point deduction and a warning.

2. Get a user rating of -10 or lower. If you go out of your way to make horrible posts that are unhelpful and unpopular with this community, you will eventually gather enough of a point deficit to get banned. Keep in mind that site violations (such as violating forum rules) generally come with a point deduction.

3. Run lame hacking tools against Being a script kiddie and trying to attack the site is a quick way to being banned and possibly exposed.

4. Spam the site. Nothing makes me want to ban you faster than spamming the site with links to shitty websites.

5. Leak private SX files. If you're privileged enough to get private files from SOLDIERX, don't leak them. Surprisingly enough, we have a decent sized list of users that have been caught doing this.

For all of you people that are hurting to get banned, there will be more to come Smile