Lack of Spirit

Some people have told me that they feel the HDB is pointless. The whole idea behind the HDB is to tell the stories of the past for those who don't know them. Many people don't realize where the hacking/underground/whatever-you-want-to-call-it community has come from, and I feel that it's important to know the roots. Just like a good math teacher will tell you about the history of mathematics, it seems that people should know the history of computer hackers. I feel many people have a lack of spirit as described in

Why cant Xbox live be free?

Woke up this morning Xbox live account reverted back to silver, So i went on a rage then i bought another 1 month it fucking sucks but sometimes its good if you're paying for it. i mean ps3's community sucks you have to like back out of your whole game just to send a msg to your buddy. 360 you dont..etc i can get into alot of comparisons but i wont.

Free Xbox Live!!

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