Freddy's Revenge??

Another week, another rant...

Nightmare on Elm Street is considered a classic entry into the then growing genre of Slasher movies. Unfortunately, like the other slasher films that came before and after it, they made sequel upon sequel to this film. While it's generally agreed that the majority of the Nightmare sequels were complete pieces of shit, there are two that take the proverbial shit cake above the rest.

Silent Hill Homecoming review

As I am a big fan of the Silent Hill series, I figured I should get this off my chest. SILENT HILL HOMECOMING is not a true Silent Hill game. It's very obvious that a US developer made the game instead of Team Silent and after playing through it I think Akira Yamaoka should re-consider his stance that the US are farther along when it comes to psychology in gaming than the Japanese since most of the stuff coming out from US developers is shovelware and garbage franchises. (All I need to do is mention the Madden franchise to prove my point.

Storebought Desktops: The ultimate reality

Ok, I've just about had it with the Desktop I got shortly after my deployment. (I opted to get an HP instead of building it myself for the first time in 6 years in what was a huge mistake.) The reality though is that most of these storebought machines are simply pieces of shit. Between the mystery hardware, the shit power supplies, garbage onboard sound and graphics, and the fact that many of them cannot handle any videocard upgrades cause of their poor airflow they are simply not justified.

Classic Horror Isn't Dead

Ah, the wonders of 1950's cinema. During this time horror and sci-fi movies were the cream of the crop thanks in part to the hugely successful Universal monsters going back to the previous two decades. However, one studio (Hammer Film Productions) came along and basically stole the show from Universal with their string of popular horror movies that would last for almost twenty years.

Australia Set to Join China in Internet Censorship

Before the Election in Australia, The Labor Party (Formally the Communist Party of Australia 1922-1991)
added a little section to their election campaign promises, to provide controlled internet to "protect" the children. This started with the government providing a filtering service for each household (which was broken in 20 minutes by a kid).

Guys, it's okay! He just wanted his machete back!

I just thought I would give everyone an update on the upcoming rant:

1) I'm still in the process of picking which movie I will rant on. Now please keep this in mind, I will not just go after the movies that are pure shit, I will attack some of the more popular movies out there. Some of them you may actually enjoy and cherish, but that's just life people so suck it up and quit your bitching.

Yesterday was happy Communistcast day!

For those not in the know, yesterday the 250 GB bandwidth limit became official for people using Comcast as their ISP. (Yea right, they'll probably just call up, say I'm over the limit, and do nothing else.) At this point in time, I'd like to point out how retarded their thinking is for coming up for such a stupid idea. What really bugs me is that one of these spokespersons said the following:

"The average user only uses 2-3 gigabytes a month."

Queen of the Damned?! Oh fuck.....

Vampire movies have been a fan favorite for years. The first was the silent film "based" on Stoker's novel Dracula aptly titled Nosferatu starring Max Shreck. After that of course came the hugely popular Universal monsters movies and of course the now classic Dracula starring the late Bella Lugosi. After the success Universal had, everyone got into the monster movie game. Now flash forward about sixty-plus years, and horror movies are still some of the biggest box office draws to this day.

Upcoming rant plus October Reviews

Hey everyone,

I just thought I would pop on here for a minute and update you all as to what I'll be posting here soon.

First, I will be posting a new rant soon over a well-known piece of shit called Queen of the Damned. I've been writing it for a while, and was originally going to be posted before Rambo III, but due to my loyalty to the original books and the first film, most of the rant broke down into mainly four-lettered words and it wasn't making much sense.

The revival of classic gaming

This past week Wario Land Shake It and Mega Man 9 were both released. While both of these games are done in the vein of classic platformers, they also represent the two different schools of thought on how to handle the retrogaming experience.

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