Fucking Comcast!

Just letting everyone know that at some point I will be posting a rant. Right now I'm fighting it out with comcast who seems to want to charge me for having internet access but they refuse to give me a fucking modem that works! I'll be back up some time later this week after the new modem I ordered arrives so I can give them their piece of shit back.


PC HDTV Tuners: What happened?

Recently I have been looking for a HDTV Tuner for my PC as my TV (CRT HDTV) does not have ATSC capabilities. The simple reality though is that despite these standards being out the cards haven't gone down in price or improved. They've actually gone up in price and gone down in quality which makes zero fucking sense. In 2007 I read about ATI making a Digital Cable Tuner that would allow for CableCARD to be brought to PC, but that never fully materialized in a form that was made available for people not looking to buy a brand new PC.

Will Amp do anymore flashwork?

Short answer: No.
Longer Answer: Hell no.

For those who can't figured it out, I've moved to video cause it's a much more viable platform.

Compiling a SOLDIERX members list...

I'm trying to compile a list of past and present members here. If you remember members that are not on this list - please let me know. Hopefully this thing will be completed sometime next week and it will be added to the navigation pane.

In other news, SX Labs was completed on time and I'm currently just digging projects out of the archives and posting them on there. I have a project that I have been working on called "Agent Steal" that is a gift to Geek Squad. It's currently in testing and should be online soon Smile

Why Amp will never buy a Xbox 360

This is something that really has drawn my ire, but with todays confirmation I've decided that I'll never buy a 360. It was confirmed that all the Cave Shmups coming out would be region locked so getting a Japanese 360 or modding a 360 (Which will result in it getting banned from Xbox Live in the process) is the only way to play it. With this in mind I've decided that since there are NO worthwhile exclusive games for it that I refuse to buy that console unless it has a 60 GB hard drive and it's under $100. (In other words, most likely never.)

Changes to Tutorial plans

Now that I have the first in what hopefully will be a series of tutorials intended to document lesser known capabilities in common hardware, I'm going to talk about the current plans for tutorials.

HDB Cleanup

Thanks to everybody who has been working on the HDB cleanup (more entries, more pictures, better content). I'm currently trying to get all of the Tags cleaned up where various people did them incorrectly under the guidance of Durandal. I will post a complete list of accepted tags when this is done so that people can better understand how to do HDB entries.

Current List:
White Hat
Black Hat
(more to come)

And of course group names (list coming soon)

My planned guides......

Here's a list of the following guides I WAS working on...

Playstation 2 Independence Exploit
Playstation 2 homebrew booting on PStwo Slims
Homemade Arcade Style Controller guides for various controller types
USB controller/adapter tweaking

However, due to recent developments I cannot give any timetable on when they will be released. Stay Tuned though.

Guaranteed not to be a popular statement....

Since this is the first post I've been able to do relating to SX this year due to personal commitments I'm going to talk about something that should be done in relation of the group. However, what I'm about to say may not sit all that well with those who have been a part of the site for a while.

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