New Tutorial About Xplico Posted by EverestX

EverestX has brought yet another quality tutorial to SX. This time he has decided to write about Xplico, an open source Network Forensic Analysis Tool. The tutorial is aimed at Xplico neophytes and contains several helpful screen shots. Please check it out at In other news, there is a new release in the VIP downloads area by pirrup. If you're curious to know what it is, become a VIP.

SX RAID Array Goal Exceeded!

Thank you to everybody in the community that helped us out in our time of need. You guys are a truly awesome community. We were able to exceed our goal in under a week! In total, we raised $625 for our RAID Array fund. With a goal of only $400, it shows how dedicated this community is to keeping us online. I will be talking with the other members during our weekly meeting on Thursday about some new contest ideas. Thank you again to everybody who supported us. I don't think that we could ask for a better community Smile

SX Needs Your Help!

It has come to my attention by cisc0ninja that one of the drives in our webserver's RAID array has died. It is of his opinion that we should replace all of the drives with WD RE4 drives. Would the community be willing to donate to help accomplish this goal? We need to raise a total of $400 to cover the costs. Any little bit will help, so please consider donating. Many of you received VIP at practically no cost (when you used to get VIP for free with the purchase of a shirt) so please consider contributing just a bit more.

I will keep the community updated on where we're at in terms of this goal of $400 via this thread. If you are interested, please contact me!

The Return of Web IRC

I have finally gotten around to moving the old SX Web IRC files from the argos archives to our current webserver, shinra. After tinkering around with it last night, it is now ready for testing. Please check it out by going to it at either of these links - Encrypted or Unencrypted. Keep in mind that for security purposes, you are still better off using an IRC client that supports encryption. The back end of the SX Web IRC client is still connecting unencrypted to our current IRC server. I plan to get this fixed sometime this weekend. For those of you who may be confused about what I am saying regarding encryption, here is a short explanation:
Your computer <-(a)-> SX Web Server <-(b)-> SX IRC Server

lattera Joins SOLDIERX, Collaboration With BinRev

During Defcon 18, lattera agreed to join SX and continue project hijack as part of SX Labs. Due to the amount of time that we've known lattera, he was able to skip the inductee phase and become part of the crew instantly. We look forward to all of the awesome research that he will be bringing to the SX community.

We have also decided to collaborate with BinRev. Despite their ZF0 ownage, they are actually some pretty cool people. We have agreed to help them secure their servers to prevent future attacks. We will be moving all "truth radio" SX radio content over to their radio station (link has announcement). We are also planning to move our IRC channel over to their servers. More information to come...

Rocket Gives Ph4nt0m His VIP Prize From Wallpaper Contest

Rocket has decided to give his VIP prize from winning the 2009 Wallpaper contest to Ph4nt0m for his work on the multi-boot MRI project. Thanks for giving back to the community like this Rocket! We hope to see more cool things from Ph4nt0m in the future.

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