Defcon 16 - Geeks in Las Vegas

I've finally found some time to make this blog post at the request of RaT and other SOLDIERX members. This post has been delayed because of my research, professional career and some issues with Durandal. After I saw what was going on with him, I decided to stop talking to him and ceased a programming project that I was doing for him. He became angry and started to attack me on a personal level. Now that he's no longer affiliated with this site in any way, I feel that this post is long overdue.

Defcon 16

November Server Issues

Our previous server died unexpectedly on November 5th. With the help of Optix, we were able to get a new server put up.

Sorry that it took so long, I've been up for over 24 hours helping to get things setup and restored from backups. Any data after the 4th was lost, so please re-add content accordingly. We also have a new IRC server up at Argos was run by Durandal, so please cease using it. Thanks!

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with the site.

This is my hello to all those in the SoldierX community I don't know yet.

Hello, my name is Thane. You can call me Origin. I was made Vice president(VP) of SoldierX a few months back out of the blue. I haven't been around. I just moved to Texas, and just started collage. I'm currently working on getting my bachelors degree in information technology. Still, I have been keeping my eye on you all. I see a lot of things happened. Most of which I choose not to discuss. A individual brought shame to SoldierX. I plan on making sure an occurrence such as that one never happens again. Meaning, I'll be monitoring the site full time.

A few matters to address...

Recently, various people have questioned the integrity of SX due to some of the members within it and in most cases I could vouch for them. However, there is one member who in my opinion I have had a hard time vouching for and despite all the drama they caused or their failure to simply get the job done we've still had his back. After today though I am now of the opinion that he has shown himself to be nothing but a repeat offender in lack of productivity and integrity.

Server Woes

I had some messages from people saying that they weren't getting emails from the site. I looked into this and noticed that email had stopped working on September 10, 2008. I contacted Zee (our host) about the issue and he mentioned that the server had been rebooted by another admin. After looking into the issue a little deeper, he realized that not only was email not working - but mysql was jacked up as well. Shortly after he noticed this, the site got really wacky and I was afraid that we'd be restoring from backups today. Luckily Zee is the man - so that doesn't have to happen.

Tutorial Contest - From 08/29/2008 until 12/01/2008

We just received a $100 donation from nigger_from_the_mother_country to have a tutorial contest. The contest starts today and ends on December 1, 2008. There is no set number or winners or definite prizes other than SOLDIERX shirts so far. nigger_from_the_mother_country said that he wanted one SOLDIERX shirt and he wanted one SOLDIERX shirt to go to whoever writes the best tutorial. I felt like having a contest with only one winner does not seem to be all that exciting, so the contest will have multiple winners.

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