A half-assed guide to Computer Repair

Some may consider this a half-assed guide to fixing computers. I consider it logic.
These are the questions I ask myself every time I look at a broke computer (obviously I don't answer myself...
most of the time):

Does the system power on?
  Do You See Lights On The Front?
  Do you see lights on the back?
  Do you see error code lights?
    Did you research them with the manufacturer?
  Do the fans spin?
    Do the fans continue to spin?
  Does the CD drive light blink?
    Does the CD drive open?
      Did you pull out the CD in the drive and try again?
  Do the keyboard lights flash / stay on / blink once?
  Did you change the power supply?
  Do you get monitor output?
    Are errors displayed?
      Did you google those errors?
  Do you get speaker output?
  Do you get a BIOS boot beep?
  Do you hear continued beeps coming from inside your case?
    Did you google the beep code?  ex:

Advice for people wanting change in the world

I figure I should say this briefly since I do have a little bit of free time right now. I've grown a bit tired of people complaining about how things need to change, yet they are doing nothing to make it happen. Regardless of if it's interpersonal relationships, to large political matters, this is a concept that can apply to all levels. If somebody wants change, yet won't reflect that change themselves then that is rather hypocritical and damages their message regardless of if they are right or wrong. I hate to have to point out this basic reality, but given what I've seen in my private life this past month I felt rather compelled to make this statement.

Hey Everyone

Im new to soldierx. Im looking to learn some cool things

Old Content

Once again I've looked through archives and uploaded some old content. This time it was a series of classic images which I uploaded to the Classic section of our image galleries. Many people probably won't enjoy these, but anybody who has been around SX for over 10 years will Smile

I plan to get all of the old text files uploaded this week. I may only upload the ones that still apply, I'm not sure yet. Either way, most of our older text files can be found on

Where the hell is Amp?

Well, since some people may be wondering, I've had some outside commitments taking up the majority of my time. My involvement with SX will be limited for the foreseeable future as a result of this development unfortunately, but I will try to stop by from time to time.

XSS in facebook

Hi readers

when you create a fan page on facebook, it is possible to inject malicious code in the name of the group.

the code is executed when you want to delete or stop following a fan page.

1. Creating a fan page with malicious script:

2. The page was created:

3. fan page before to be deleted:

4. XSS on Facebook Smile :

this vulnerability will allow malicious users to steal session or execute malicious scripts XSS, also may be used for phishing.

Att: c7b3r



Watching Movies/TV online. It is sometimes frustrating trying to find a download or waiting for one to finish. These sites are essential for immediate media.

Downloading music on The Pirate Bay, Limewire or Frostwire is VERY risky. Private torrent trackers are for the most part safe but do not always offer everything. Try using the Song Name/Artist and one of these sites in a Google search. They allow you to listen to a file before choosing to download.

Club Music Forums

Pr0n Often have to teach people to surf porn safely. Tube sites are usually the way to go about doing this.

Windows antivirus software, as dangerous as the malware it's supposed to stop?

Ok, recently on my laptop I opted to start using a antivirus program as I cannot use Linux on it. (Thanks GAYTI, your shitty Mobility Radeon GPU is straight f*cked cause they they overheat in general, but it's even worse in Linux.) What I saw when I did scans was that several things I used that were confirmed as safe were given false positives which was nothing short of annoying. The worst thing is that from what I've read some programs have given these false positives for 2-3 years and acknowledged it, yet won't do anything about it. The simple reality is that shows a lack of common sense as some programs that I use on a regular basis that I know are safe and open source projects at that are getting flagged as malware and these vendors will do nothing about it.

Warning this person is a cop or works with the cops, "xplicit" -

I know because he tried to collect info on people and when I asked what and how much he turned and just started calling me an asshole. I know a web-cop when I see one, don't trust him. He hangs out in tons of forums but he baits people at and he's trouble.

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