Possible future guide

I may as well mention this firsthand. At some point in the near future I do have to update iXtreme LT from 1.0 to 1.1. With this in mind I have been debating if it would be worthwhile enough to do a guide about using Stealth Firmware with Xbox 360. In the past 6 months the game has changed quite a bit due to the crackdown that happened just before Modern Warfare 2 and the newest releases of Jungle Flasher and iXtreme LT. While there is a pretty well done guide available with Jungle Flasher's site, it doesn't cover some of the newer information which is why I'm considering this.

What Antivirus, Firewall and AntiSpyware are you using? (Personal introspective. I knew better)

Extraordinary site; content inline with my interests.

The Admin's & Moderators actually perform their relevant duties (amazing).

Concise relation between user comments and form topic, uncommon on most sites as well as the primary reason I initially registered here.

My posts furthered topic degeneration, and contributed to relevance divergence.

After my postings strayed from the intended topic, I was corrected.

After reviewing my battery of posts, I realize how irrelevant my subsequent "contributions" became.

When users post information, statements/remarks not relevant or related to the topic; without structure data/knowledge is lost.

Thank you.

I am publicly apologizing to StigeX, Grey and the Soldierx community. In the most non disruptive way possible


This is going to be a personal (and not a technological) blog so feel free to go past this.

In the past, I was known for being wound up too tight and letting it get the best of me quite a bit. In short, one of the things that RaT was that I was letting the stress get to me too much and needed to change that. It wouldn't be until last year that I started to see how my interpersonal relationships had been effected negatively and decided to change my life as a result of it. What I didn't realize until recently though much damage had been done. After this realization, I am nothing short of horrified and hopefully I'll keep moving away from such destructive behaviors. Also, I kind of realized how much patience some people must have had with me, of note being RaT. With that in mind I wish to thank him as he was a major influence in jumpstarting some major positive changes in my life in the last 18 months.

Temporarily Missing

Hey Guys, I'm going to be missing temporarily for a week or so as far as productivity goes.

I've had a recent rash of disasters that have kind of divert my attention else where.

RAT - I haven't forgotten about you buddy! I appreciate your patience, I'll get the latest firmware on this bad boy and get it in the mail as soon as possible. (No seriously!)

Grey, Congrats on replacing myself as the crews newest member!

LG 840 SPYDER II unlock

any one out there would like to un lock this or flash it i got the pg but dont know how to get in the cell

More steps in progress

I find that while I am desirous of a position on the crew here at SoldierX, I lack some of the skills to really be of help. So I am taking off and trying to learn a few programming languages and learning the ins and outs of some protocols. I think I know where I need to look but if anyone has any suggestions, resources, hints, or tips please do leave comments. I am currently setting up a portable IDE and environment for PHP, Python, and Perl so that I am able to take my work with me. I am using XAMPP portable as my PHP testing environment. I am using Eclipse PHP IDE for writing and testing PHP projects, I am using strawberry Perl for my perl IDE and testing shell, and I am using Portable Python for my Python IDE and testing shell. any other tools and resources would be appreciated.

On to study I guess......

Moving on....

When I took the position of Presidential Adviser in 2008, it was to help in a time where tensions within the group were at an all time high. The original plan I had was that once I had finished in that role, I would move on accordingly. I didn't expect to be in that position as long as I did. Since the start of this year though, I have found myself in a position where due to outside commitments I am unable to effectively contribute to SoldierX. Furthermore, I have had to ask myself if my heart was in it right now and the simple answer is that it isn't. With this in mind, I have decided that after 10 years, it's time that I move on for the time being and announce my retirement. As my final act in SX, I am recommending that grey_to_black is granted full membership as he has shown the drive and work ethic required to be an effective part of the group.

One Year Now !

I would like to say to all the new members here and to the elders that I have fully enjoyed, learned, and experienced the best of times here at SoldierX, and that I am looking forward to the next years to come. Thank you.

Der Jäger

Gotta love compilers

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and i r =/

Tool entries

The coming tool entries I am listing have been used in unison with the Certified Ethical Hacker course. I realize that some of them are lacking in documentation or are somewhat lacking in features, however I feel that some of the best tools are those that serve a very simple and well defined purpose and have been used and cited as reliable by one of the most notable sources in IT security. I will try to list them with as much information as I am able to find.

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