How things work

I would like to post stuff to explain how things work to educate people on the functions and processes of 'Hack' fucntions kinda like get under the covers.

Example: AES encryption

; Title .........: AES
; AutoIt Version :
; Language ......: English
; Description ...: Function for encrypting data with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also called Rijndael.  The input data is split into a 4x4 array called $abState.
; Author(s) .....: 403Forbidden
; Name...........: _AESEncrypt
; Description ...: The main function for encrypting data with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also called Rijndael.
; Syntax.........: _AESEncrypt($sUDFIn, $sUDFKey, $iKeySize = 128, $fEncrypt = 1)
; Parameters ....: $sUDFIn - Parameter for the data to be encrypted or decrypted, 32 hexadecimal numbers and letters, 0-9 and a-f.


cisc0ninja suggested I create an account for this site, so here I am. I am one of cisc0ninja's college instructors.

Rants: SFF Cases and External Power bricks.

Recently I have seen the market make a dismal shift in the wrong direction by manufactures to SFF (Small Form Factor) cases.

I'd like to take a moment of your time (HOPEFULLY YOU ARE A HARDWARE DEVELOPER AND WILL LISTEN!) to explain that Small form factor cases are lame.

Here's a list of why this idea fucking sucks:

2. Proprietary Bullshit ass hardware (YES YOU MAC MINI!)
4. AIRFLOW (I'll give you this one Mac Mini - good job here) NO large after market heat sinks
5. I can't stuff 10 hard drives in there
6. Where does my water cooling go?
7. WTH I can't fit a full size GPU???
8. Why is my power supply half way down this cord?

My second point, is that if you remove the Power Supply and stick it in a separate brick, you're a fucking idiot. (xbox 360, wii, mac mini, etc)


In the beginning there was a Mr.E that needed to be solved.
This was repression, abuse, and exile.
From this pain emerged a black quiet.
It was random, out of control, and strong.
But it was the quiet that formed him.
In the black of a single night Kayin was born.

He is the middle of child of 2 other K's
His potential was unknown.
The First wanted total control.
The Last wanted separation - to embrace the exile.
The war between the youngest and the eldest unveiled a terror.
It was the terror that was truly in command.

On and on the puppets danced.
On and on the pain grew.
It grew from the inside out.
Soon, the manifestation took form.
The dance was nearly over.

Struggling to survive the Mr.E sought it's secret.
Here, in this world, the Mr.E assembled the corners to it's puzzle.
It was here where the exile was welcomed.
It was here where the abuse found it's brothers.
It was here where the repression ended.

Comcast Cable modem changes

Since there are plenty of people who may be effected by this, I should mention what I found out. Starting next month all Cable Modems leased through Comcast will be with router hardware included. While this may be good for less knowledgable users, this has the possibly to go the same way as AT&T where they won't allow 3rd party routers for many areas.

Also, I will confirm that I am in the process of writing a ChickHEN and CFW Enabler tutorial for the PSP in what is the 2nd of my series of 'lower end' tutorials.

New to this place.

Looks pretty exciting, I'm hoping to pick up a few things while I'm here.


The ghosts of Banja Luka

For those not in the know, I've been in Bosnia for the last few weeks. I should be back soon.


HAY EVERYONE! this is palms and i m looking for a mentor. I contacted a couple of people before i wrote this so is you see this that means i m still looking. I need someone who can the techniques of the hacking and cracking lifestyle of the white hat culture. I m a very eager student to learn the styles of every languages that available to me. I just join this great website and i m confident that everyone here is the real deal. I ve been looking around for someone that serious so if it s you please contact me at [email protected]! thank guys for letting me in your world!!

Linux and windows on one Drive

Hi there guys,

I have just been monitoring this site because of my great interest in the free world, but my curiosity has peeked.

I have been hearing a great amount of roomers going on about the fact that you cannot have Linux and windows on the same hdd without having a few problems along the way, is this true?

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