The Future: OMGWTF

Today we are inundated with technology. It seems to me that very little of it is under our control. No I do not mean the machines are rebelling against us despite what you non-functional technology would have you believe. I don't actually know what the fuck I'm talking about. Perhaps I'm envisioning a world where everyone is surveilled by drones, and information is controlled under a hierarchical structure or maybe I'm disconcerted because the so called information revolution has not spontaneously created a utopia.



OFACE: Consumer of Crew Members

Well, looks like I have been asked to take a stab at OFACE by RaT. I have read through the notes about it (Of note being which makes some good points) and have decided to come to a few decisions.

1. OFACE may benefit the most from being redone from the ground up.
2. The main initial focus will be on a minimalist, effective, and expandable core back-end.
3. The initial focus will be on working with a small number of applications to create one template that allows for OFACE to be expanded in a modular manner by both myself and others within SX.
4. GUI is to be focused on after the back-end is in an acceptable state.

This is what I have seen of this so far and over the weekend I will be fleshing out more details of this with RaT.


Reply to me if help or better explanation is took me a couple of times to get the timing right..WIFI KILL APK for rooted phones..Also Placemask apk hides GPS and Mobile Location..but will show if logged into WIFI that's why we use BT5..

Part 2 on MetroPCS Update

Now you go to metroPCS and register your phone on their 10:00 you lower the $60.00 plan that you just activated at 9:30pm to a $50.00 plan and restart your phone..NOW YOUR PHONE IS ACTIVATED..YOUR WELCOME ~Sik1est3~



Basic Programming Concepts recommendations

At some point today, I am going to try to wrap up the sample code for the Threading section of Basic Programming Concepts. (I prefer to confirm that the samples I do work as I have caught some issues with how some of the code did not display correctly with the java tag.) With that in mind, I figure I would ask what other basic programming concepts should be covered on here. For that matter, are there more non-basic concepts that should be covered on here that aren't? I want to hear from the community on what they want to see as I would like to add something new to this series every other week if there was enough content for it.

Who I was and who I am

I have thought about this quite a bit for the last three weeks now and here's the reality is that who I was and who I am are becoming two drastically different people. In the past, I was a bit of a shithead and I have to face up to it for better or worse. As such, I have worked to diligently make myself a better person. It is not an overnight process and everybody makes mistakes though.

The honest reality is that time changes a person and having a different perspective changes things. I am very proud to have received some great opportunities from SX over the years and I know that for better or worse it is the most enduring part of my life. Not just my life as Amp, but my outside life as David. I owe SX quite a bit as during some really bad times in my life, they have helped me and in some cases I really didn't deserve it. As such, I wish to express my gratitude to the community as it has helped me through the past couple of months.

Defcon 21

This is going to be a different write-up than what I saw with how Blake wrote up one of the Defcons. I wish to talk about the positive and negative about Defcon, but first I will explain why I finally went back. In the past decade, circumstances beyond my control had kept me from doing so. However, this year I decided to make this happen as at the time I made this decision, it may very well have been my last clear chance at going. In addition, due to what I consider a less than stellar experience with academia (I am about to graduate and feel that I should have learned far more than I did to be honest) I wanted to see a different perspective. Overall, I saw both the good and the bad.

The Good:
- The Villages were good for learning new skills.
- The Darknet Project, while flawed, was a great experiment to teach neophytes good skills.
- Some really good contests that give an effective test of skill.
- Some pretty good parties and one of the best music sets I have heard in the past decade. (Seriously, I wish more places would play sets like this.)

The Bad:
- The larger area for Defcon works against having small groups come together sometimes.
- Other crew members have stated that this year's speakers were less than stellar. (Due to my unforeseen success in the Hackers Against Humanity tournament, I was more preoccupied with that and Darknet than with the speakers.)
- Some aspects of the con felt a bit less lively than before in the eyes of some crew members and I do agree with some of these concerns.

Python Initial Impressions

Since Sunday night, I have been learning the basics of Python and some of the major ideas behind it. The reason for this is that while I do know some strong-typing programming languages, I have not had much experience with scripting languages aside from some VERY basic work in Perl over a decade ago that I have forgotten. I went in there knowing some aspects of Python such as it having some Object Oriented capabilities so that did help me pick it up quickly. After considerable code though I was able to make some initial impressions.

The reality is that Python is intended to be simple to read and simple to handle. As such, this makes for a minimal learning curve. As such, any smaller functions that just needs a simple script I could easily see myself using this. The reality is though that for any professional work I would be less likely to use this unless I would obfuscate the code, and even then my knowledge of other languages would be more beneficial in such a scenario.

Another issue is the implementation of object oriented design. The lack of encapsulation is rather troubling to me as it is one of the four major principles of object oriented programming. This does not spoil everything overall though as the basic reality is that for the purpose that it is intended for it is good enough. I will have to look into furthering my knowledge and skill with the language like I have been doing with C++ recently as I do see it being a great asset so I may talk more about what I find over time.

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