HNN Features SOLDIERX in the Latest Hacker News

While many various news outlets have mentioned SOLDIERX from time to time for various reasons, we are particularly fond of HNN because of its history. Early in my hacking days, HNN was a good source for public hacker news. To see the mention, please go to and watch the video. We appear at approximately 15:18. We are also here at 3:43. We're glad to see the return of HNN, although it would be nice if they did a slightly better job editing their videos Smile

Thanks for the mention HNN!

We Need Your Vote!

We need everybody to vote for their favorite tutorial from the 2009 Tutorial Contest. Please cast your vote. Voting starts now and ends on 1-20-2010.

The voting will be made up of 50% high council and 50% poll voting. That's right, we're going to let the members of our community decide 50% of the vote for who wins the tutorial contest. Good luck to all of the contestants who submitted tutorials this year!

2009 Tutorial Contest and Holiday Releases Over

Our holiday releases are finally over after neotek posted his release. The tutorial contest ended on 01-01-2010 and the high council is currently voting on the various submitted tutorials. I am actually very disappointed in the turn out of the tutorial contest, I guess that a hacked modem/free admission to Defcon 18 weren't considered very good prizes to most of our members. There were actually some good forum topics that could have qualified as tutorials (such as MRI from USB), but none of those members ever submitted them to me via email as a tutorial.

Holiday Releases Part 2 - Agent Steal and DECAF news

We hope that everybody had a good xmas. As part two of our holiday releases, we have an Agent Steal bug fix release for the public and a password stealing version for VIP members. Hopefully our public release addresses all of the bugs discovered in the initial release. We also look forward to getting feedback from our VIP members on the new features in the Agent Steal pre-release.

DECAF hacked and re-enabled by SX

Happy holidays everybody! As part one of our holiday releases, we have hacked and re-enabled the popular DECAF tool that was mentioned in our previous news post. We were in full support of the application until we learned that it phoned home and that it could be remotely disabled by the authors. Unfortunately they decided to disable it a few days ago on account of Jesus. The original message can be viewed here. We have hacked it so that it no longer phones home and it no longer can be disabled.

DECAF Released to Combat Microsoft COFEE have released software they say sabotages a suite of forensics utilities Microsoft provides for free to hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the globe.

DECAF (Detect and Eliminate Computer Assisted Forensics) is a light-weight application that monitors Windows systems for the presence of COFEE, a bundle of some 150 point-and-click tools used by police to collect digital evidence at crime scenes. When a USB stick containing the Microsoft software is attached to a protected PC, Decaf automatically executes a variety of countermeasures. Additional information is available on The Register

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