New IRC Network Chosen - Abjects

After many a discussion with Amp, cisc0ninja and other members of SX a new IRC network has finally been decided on. As mentioned in a previous news post, we used to be on axenet and that really seemed to work better than running our own server. Durandal thought we needed our own server so we went with that up until now. The decision to move to this network was heavily influenced by our friends over at Surfboard Hacker ( Everything was finalized today and DNS changes have been made. The web IRC client has been updated (although currently without HTTPS).


Just an FYI... to everyone.

We're upgrading our bandwidth soon so sometime right before February we should all see a pretty decent increase in the speed of this site.


Archive Overload

Anybody that has been checking the "recent posts" with any frequency has noticed the flood of images over the past few days. This is due to all of the SX archives being pulled out from their dusty binders and put into my computer's DVD drive. I am currently searching and digging through 10 years of content in an attempt to get all of the work done by previous members of SX incorporated into our new site. I have been talking to cisc0ninja and he thinks it would be a good idea for us to release source code to projects that are still applicable today.

IRC now back up (

The IRC server took a crap over the weekend on account of a major power outage. Unfortunately the UPS can only last for so long so the server had to be shut down. Power is now restored and the server is back online. I am still unsure if we should have our own IRC server or not. It does not seem that it gets the use that was originally anticipated. If anybody knows of any networks that we should host our IRC on instead of hosting it ourselves, please let me know. We used to have it hosted on axenet, so that might be a good place to consider going back to.

Congratulations to Kayin!

I would like to start by wishing everybody a Happy New Year. As any of you that have been paying attention to the news here at SX, the tutorial contest ended today. If you couldn't guess from the title of this news post, Kayin is the winner for his tutorial on covert channels ( We thought that it was a unique paper dealing with steganography. I hope that more and more people will contribute tutorials in order to share knowledge with the SX community.

More info on Server Changes

There are a number of server changes that are in the process of taking place for both hardening and optimization. Although for the most part things are operational, users may experience periods of time where the site may be difficult to reach due to restarting services and certain configuration changes.

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